My name is Lisa.

I am a 4th year student majoring in Computer Science with a minor in International Studies at the University of Oklahoma.

I am a member of the OU Data Analytics lab where I primarily work with topics related to internet privacy and security. In the past, I have worked on research exploring the dangers of algorithm biases in university admissions.

I want to use my background in the field of computer science, along with my own personal experiences, to research topics like security and bias, and advocate for accountability and ethical practices in the creation of software used by the public and, more particularly, underrepresented groups.

In my free time I love making Spotify playlists (I take requests) and drinking iced coffee (the weather never factors into this decision). I'm constantly searching for ways to travel and capture moments with my camera.


Early on in college, I was super involved in Women of Power, an organization at OU devoted to empowering women of color.
I recently wrote a Medium article outlining my journey to becoming Marketing Strategist for Hacklahoma. Learn about my hackathon experience!
A couple of years ago I lived abroad for a semester in Italy! Check out my interview.
This past semester, I got to work closely with some well respected faculty/students on privacy/security research.