My name is Lisa Egede.

I'm a 3rd year PhD student in the Human Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) at Carnegie Mellon University where I'm advised by Geoff Kaufman.

My research interests center around understanding how historically underrepresented communities experience and utilize technology for their needs. Through my research, I want to advance our current understanding of how to design socially responsible technology through participatory design and community based approaches.

I am a current GEM University fellow and the 2023-2024 Presidential Fellow for Carnegie Mellon's HCI Institute. My research has been published at various conference venues including COMPASS, CHI and CSCW!

In my free time I enjoy riding my bike, making spotify playlists and taking pictures on my film camera.

You can reach me at lisaegede [at] cmu [dot] edu!


1. [Paper] L. Egede, Coney, L, Johnson, B., Harrington, C., Ford, D., "For Us By Us: Designing Technology for Lived Black Experiences", ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, DIS (2024) Honorable Mention 🏆

2. [Poster] L. Egede, Coney, L, Johnson, B., Harrington, C., Ford, D., "Understanding Black People Building Technology For Black Lived Experiences", ACM SIGCAS Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies, COMPASS (2023)

3. [Paper] C. Harrington, L. Egede, “Trust, Comfort, and Relatability: Understanding Black Older Adults’ Perceptions of Chatbot Design for Health Information Seeking”, In Proceedings of the 2023 ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2023)

4. [Paper] M. Madaio, L. Egede, H. Subramonyam, J. Wortman Vaughan, H. Wallach, “Assessing the Fairness of AI Systems: AI Practitioners’ Processes, Challenges, and Needs for Support”, Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction 6. CSCW1 (2022): 1-26

5. [Paper] J. DeHart, C. Xu, C. Grant and L. Egede, “Proposing an Interactive Audit Pipeline for Visual Privacy Research”, 2021 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), 2021, pp. 1249-1255

6. [Poster] J. DeHart, L. Egede, C. Grant, Poster: “Exploring Biases in Vision Privacy Protection Techniques”, IEEE Symposium on Security Privacy, May 2019

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