Fall 2022

Technologists for Black Lives Project - Research Lead

phd research, tech for justice
Summer 2021

IBM Research - Research Internship

tech for justice
Summer 2020

Microsoft Research - Undergraduate Research Internship

undergraduate research, fairness
Spring 2019

OUDALab - Exploring Biases in Vision Privacy Protection Techniques

undergraduate research, privacy, ML
Fall 2017

Algorithm Biases in the World of Academia

undergraduate research, fairness
projects & experiences
September 2019

Facebook - Product Design Summit

product design, workshop
Fall 2019

Ambrosia - Game launcher

product design, open source project
Fall 2019

SQS Checker - Course project

product design, computer security
Summer 2019

Chevron - Software Development Internship

product design, software development
Fall 2017

OUA - Marketing & Media Internship

a product design